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To ensure that basic needs are met, we actively reach out to the many in our community who do not have a home.

Many of the undocumented youth at our borders are cared for at temporary shelters in our community. We reached out to this vulnerable population with clothing, hygiene products, and food donations. Likewise, we connected with The Night Ministry by providing basic necessities to teens living on the street.

Relationships with other communities in our neighborhood, including the Pomeroy Senior Residence, are providing an ever-growing number of ways to reach out and minister. A holiday party was held at Pomeroy that included gifts of basic household items for all 104 apartments.

To help bring long-term stability to the lives of individuals, local jobs programs at Care for Real were supported.

Atonement has an ongoing and important relationship with Sarah's Circle, a community service that offeres, among other things, comprehensive physical services, permanent supportive housing, clinical services, a network of resources, and a community – to over 900 women a year who are affected by homelessness. We encourage women to empower themselves by rebuilding both emotionally and physically; realizing their unique potential as women.

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